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Media & Communications Ministry


Sound Tech.



Sound Tech


     The Media and Communications Ministry is designed to glorify God.  The Media team consists of volunteers who take their assignments seriously as they seek to glorify God through their service.  

    This ministry not only provides the technical support that is required for our services but also documents and records each event, teaching, and sermon so that it can be made available upon request.  These are available in many different formats to meet the needs of everyone.  Please contact me at or call 912-786-4647 for available lessons.

     Our worship services on Sundays are presented as live audio broadcasts. There are audio recordings of past lessons available on our Light to Life page as well as our YouTube channel Chapel By-The-Sea Tybee.  These lessons will be changed on a regular basis. 

     Chapel-by-the-Sea's ministry does not intend to substitute technology for the vital need of each Christian to be a part of the body of Christ but as an additional tool that can enhance that growth.

       We covet your prayers and your support as we continue to grow and spread the word of God.  To God Be The Glory!




June Maddox


Media and Communications Director

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