updated 3/24/2020

Please Note:

Text messages from 912-207-8055 and 62488 are safe and from the church

A word from the Pastor...

     Sunday was a rather strange new experience for us here at Chapel.  We held our services at the usual times for the sake of producing a live broadcast for each service.

     There were those who chose to attend in person while others stayed away and sought to tune in by way of our church website.  We had so many tune-in that our system could not handle all who tried to listen in.  We are working on this issue and hope to resolve it as soon as possible.


     Let us together pray for a quick resolution to this present crisis.  God can indeed raise up someone who will be able to find a cure for this virus.  Until such time, let us be faithful to God and seek to be a source of comfort to those who would cross our path.  

      I truly missed seeing my church family and look forward to the time when we can all join in together for a praise and worship service once again.  Please pray for your Chapel family during this difficult time.  Also, please remember we need your continued financial support.  For the present time, we ask that you mail in your tithes and offerings.   

                                                 This storm will pass, and we will surely see a brighter day.

                                                    God is still on His Throne!!!


 Pastor David

“When you see the ark of the covenant…go after it…that you may know the way by which you must go; for you have not passed this way before.”

(Joshua 3:1-4)

Follow the ark! This was the command of Joshua given to the people as they were making preparations to enter the Land of Promise. It was a new land with new possibilities and they had never before walked in this direction. They did not know where this path would lead them or what they would encounter in this new and strange land.

Joshua encouraged and instructed them to just follow the ark of God. As we enter a new year shouldn’t this be good advice for us as well. We know not what lies ahead. There is such an uncertain mood as we look out across our world and see all the many different problems and struggles that have now beset our world.

Follow the ark! If we would do this – follow our God – we will be able to walk whatever path is set before us and encounter whatever issues that shall confront us. Our God is able to see us through as he was able to lead the Hebrew children on their march into the                          Land of Promise.

Will you follow God? It is normal for many to start out on the right path at the beginning but what about the follow-through? Once upon the right path will you stay the course? Let us start out on the path of God’s choosing and make a commitment to stay the course. Let us not waste the opportunity to follow God and enter into his many blessings.