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 Pastor David


God Bless You,

These are days of uncertainty and challenge, but God has provided great insights in his word to help guide us through these difficult times.  No matter what may happen here on earth, our God remains on his throne in heaven.  God alone is directing the affairs of this world.  He will ultimately bring to pass His perfect will.  

God has given us a Biblical blueprint as to what we can expect with future events here on earth.  This blueprint is given to us in the Book of Revelation.  BEFORE our Lord returns, He is going to shake this world at its very foundation.  He is both the creator and judge of this earth and the world is soon to recognize this important reality. 

To help in giving a proper understanding of God's plans, we have begun a new series of study on the Book of Revelation.  The focus of this study will be upon the people behind the prophecies of the book. We will look at a total of 13 different characters that are presented throughout the book.  

To keep a consistent pace for study, we will be presenting the study on both Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30.    This format will begin on Sunday evening September 15th  and continue each Wednesday and Sunday evening. 

We will learn that our God has put out in the open all that he intends to do as he judges this world and establishes His Anointed One upon the throne.  We welcome you to come and join us as we study this amazing book of prophecy.

March 10, 2021

The world is being remade on a daily basis right before our very eyes.  Things are changing at a rapid pace and it’s difficult for one to keep up with the new challenges that change brings.  The world is being fashioned by those who are in positions of power who wish to bring the world together under the banner of a New World Order.

The World Economic Forum is pushing the world in this direction along with the new leadership in Washington, D.C. Within the last year we have witnessed a transformation in our own country that is almost beyond recognition.  Constitutional rights and freedom of speech are being suspended for the reason of controlling dissent and disinformation.

We are losing our freedoms in the name of personal security.  When people are fearful, they become easy prey for those who would take advantage of the situation.  The idea of “crisis management” is alive and well in our world today—create a crisis and gain control.

As believers, we are commanded to “fear not”.  Our God is in control and his will is to be accomplished in this world.  The world is moving toward its final countdown.  All the present conditions have been set before us in God’s word.  It is time for us to know God’s word, trust in God’s word, and share God’s word.  Satan may have his plans for this present world, but God has his plans as well.  Who do you think will win out in the end?

Jesus declared, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world,” (John 16:33)

God is still on His throne!!!